Taylor Swift’s Blank Space Video Is Now The Most-Viewed Video In Vevo History

May I have your attention please?

It’s okay, that new Star Wars trailer will still be there, and no, Joe Biden has not made up his mind yet about running for President. You have some time to spare, and I only need a couple minutes for the latest installment of Today in Taylor.

Vevo announced today that indie songwriter Taylor Swift’s video for “Blank Space” is now the most-viewed video in the site’s history. As of the writing of these words, “Blank Space” has been viewed 1,232,880,452 times. In case you find all of those commas distracting, that’s more than a billion times. That’s 114,226,141 more views than “Shake It Off,” which only has a measly 1,118,654,311 views. I know, embarrassing.

Swift talked about the song in a recent interview with GQ.

“A nuanced sense of humor does not translate on a general scale,” Swift says, “and I knew that going in. I knew some people would hear ‘Blank Space’ and say, See, we were right about her. And at that point, I just figure if you don’t get the joke, you don’t deserve to get the joke.”

Swift’s latest video for her song “Wildest Dreams” has currently only been viewed 137,929,173 times. Ouch. Looks like someone has some catching up to do.

(Via Billboard)