Here’s Video Of Taylor Swift’s Stage Breaking During A Concert In DC

Taylor Swift had a huge surprise for the fans who came to her show in Washington D.C. on Monday night: a special performance by her bestie Lorde.

But Washington D.C. had an even bigger surprise for Swift: her stage completely stopped working while she was in between songs, leaving her stuck up on a platform as fans freaked out, forcing Taylor to nervously suggest that she might be caught up there forever according to E!:

“They just told me in my ear that I might be stuck up here forever,” she told the crowd during her gig. “This thing is broken.”

She continued, “I was just thinking about how I was singing a song about rain and it rained today…it’s not that funny…We’re just gonna have to re-choreograph the entire show. It’s fine. Whatever. It’s gonna be a unique show D.C.!”

Lorde flew 19 hours to perform with Swift and surprise the audience, so fans who might have been upset that the stage work was not on point during the show had absolutely nothing to complain about when they left. Watching Becky and Lorde sing about Grey Goose and bloodstains in the bedroom makes up for a lot of jacked up set pieces.

(Via E!)