Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris Broke Up And The Internet Has All Kinds Of Feelings About It

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They say what’s gold can never stay, and unfortunately for Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris, it seems to be true. It was announced today that the couple, who had been together for 15 months, split up sometime last week (it’s okay, guys, she still has the cats and that’s what really matters). This follows debunked rumors from October that Swift had broken up with Harris for, well, understandable reasons. Harris, a Scottish DJ, is allegedly the one who broke up with Swift, and it’s confirmed as being for real this time.

Reactions are all over the place on social media. First, there’s the understandable panic over the fact that love might be a lie made up by Hallmark to monetize various holidays.

Then there’s the obvious assumption that we’re gonna be getting a banger of an album out of this breakup (from Swift, that is; anticipation for Harris’s first post-Taylor album doesn’t seem to have materialized quite yet).

Amidst the demands for new music and creepy offers from strange men eager to fill the void left by Harris, there are a few people speaking up about a relatively important point, that Swift is far from the first artist to focus her music on breakups and that she deserves respect during what can’t be an easy time for her.

So far, though, only one Twitter user has tapped into the true potential good Taylor can create in the wake of this heartbreak.

Hopefully the healing process is quick and smooth for Taylor and Harris alike. If we happen to get some solid summer anthems from either of them over this, though, we aren’t gonna complain.

(Via E News!)