Taylor Swift’s Light-Up Concert Bracelets Saved Lives During A Car Crash

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05.31.15 3 Comments

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Like so many arena shows today, Taylor Swift concerts arrive as an event. Swift knows her audience well and pulls out the stops that her teen fans adore. Glitter, confetti, and a crazy light show? No problem. Swift even doles out nifty light-up bracelets that synchronize to the beat of her music.

Those bracelets actually saved the lives of three Swift fans just last weekend. After the May 22 concert in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, these fans found themselves trapped inside the wreckage of their crashed vehicle. Nobody stopped to help the girls, who scrambled to find their phones in the wreckage. Two phones were dead, the third missing. The girls used the light-up bracelets as flares to attract attention from passing cars. The tactic worked, and these fans say Swift saved their lives:

From a hospital room Wednesday, Elizabeth Dazzio said Taylor Swift and her concert producers saved her life last Friday.

Dazzio was driving her sister, Caroline, and a friend home from the show when she fell asleep and wrecked near the I-110/Scenic Highway exit. Dazzio was knocked unconscious, the car was mangled up and the two girls were trapped.

“You could smell the gas and smoke,” Caroline said. “I was just thinking we need to get out of this car.”

Cars passed and none stopped so the girls used bracelets from the show, that had been programmed and synced to the beat of the music, as emergency flares to get the attention of people driving by.

Eventually, someone stopped. A woman told the girls she saw the lights and knew someone was in trouble.

This story could have arrived with a very different outcome. We could talk about all sorts of life lessons here, including the hazards of driving while tired. The important thing is that these girls are alive, and — for an extra awesome twist — Swift sent a shoutout on Twitter.

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