Eminem And Taylor Swift Will Reportedly Be Releasing New Albums Very Soon

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This year has been huge in the world of music, with massive releases from superstars like Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Jay Z and Ed Sheeran, as well as hits on the verge of platinum from the likes of Migos, Future, the Chainsmokers. Upstarts like Khalid, Playboi Carti have found great success amongst the living legends and supernovas that have released albums this year as well. Even with that jam-packed list of names, two of the biggest acts in music are set to release projects that might top them all.

HitsDailyDouble is reporting that Taylor Swift and Eminem are set to release albums this fall, as a part of the Universal Music Group’s strategy to continue their chart dominance this year. With Kendrick’s DAMN. and Drake’s More Life — this year’s No. 1 and No. 2 highest selling albums, respectively — already under their umbrella, they could further conquer the charts with releases from two of their other megastars.

The rumors of a new Eminem album have persisted all year, with 2 Chainz outright confirming he has an album on the way in a recent release. Fall would mean the album is dropping soon, and before the end of the year for sure, and possibly as early as September. The new album would be Em’s ninth, following up the quadruple-platinum The Marshall Mathers LP 2, which released in 2013.

For Taylor, the rumors of a new album haven’t been as persistent, but with nearly three years since her last album — the sextuple-platinum 1989 — a potential new release from her was one of the most anticipated releases coming into the year. Taylor has been as quiet as a superstar of her magnitude can be — surfacing briefly and quietly to do things like throw her music on Spotify briefly to thwart her foe Katy Perry’s new album release or fight a lawsuit against a man that allegedly groped her — so the idea that she’s been working on new music makes a ton of sense. With rumors that she’s preparing a new streaming service of her own, a new album would mark the perfect occasion to launch the service.