Taylor Swift Debuts The Piano-Driven Sing-Along ‘New Year’s Day’ During ‘Scandal’

We’re down to the final moments before Taylor Swift’s Reputation is released to the world, and the hype has reached a fever pitch. And while Veterans Day is the holiday that America will be celebrating on her release day, tonight it was “New Year’s Day” that Swifties are most excited about.

The live performance tied to ABC’s Scandal featured Swift performing the brief new song solo on piano while surrounded by fans who manage to already know all the words. While this may or may not be reminiscent of how the song actually sounds on the album, it’s refreshing to hear Swift so stripped-down and bare. For such a long time, her songwriting was put in the forefront, but that hasn’t been the case with this new album cycle. This version of “New Year’s Day” is a reminder of just how strong of a songwriter she still is.

Check out the lovely new Taylor Swift song “New Year’s Day” above, and then go get in line at Target or your favorite record store, because it is sure to be a scene for one of the most anticipated albums of the year. It feels weird to write it, but Reputation is out everywhere tomorrow. It seemed like this day would never come.