Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris Can Earn $10 Million By Stripping

taylor calvin
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Sickeningly cute couple Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are in the world’s most profitable celebrity relationship, with a gross net worth of somewhere north of $145 million. But even they could use another $10 million (gold-plated swan rafts aren’t gonna pay for themselves), which is the amount of money they’d earn if they stripped down to their underwear for Armani.

“The Taylor offer is initially around [$10 million] but that sum could then triple with global promotion if the campaign is successful. Taylor and Calvin are the hottest thing on the planet right now. Calvin’s adverts have done really well and helped the brand reach a different audience. Now they know that Calvin is serious about Taylor, they feel it would be great to have them on screen together in their underwear, showing off their chemistry.” (Via)

The offer is there, and “it is now up to Taylor’s team to see if it is the right thing to do for her image,” according to a source. Swift’s played up her sexuality over the years — her hip-hugging jeans days are a distant memory — but it’s unlikely she’ll accept Armani’s dump truck full of money. The source says she still has her “fan base [of] young girls” (and drunks) to think of.

But if she does say yes, does that mean Ryan Adams has to pose in his skivvies, too?



(Via Daily Star)