Tears For Fears’ First New Song In 13 Years ‘I Love You But I’m Lost’ Is Worth The Wait

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Despite the fact that they already have one greatest hits compilation to their name, 1992’s multi-platinum smash Tears Roll Down, the seminal British electronic duo of Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith have decided to double-down and give a younger generation of fans an easy entryway into their genre-defining discography with another one. Rule The World, is a 16-track collection set to drop next month on November 10, that combines some of Tears For Fears’ best and greatest song. And for the fans who thought they’ve already heard it all, the group has decided to sweeten the deal by adding in their first new song in 13 years.

Titled “I Love You But I’m Lost,” the new song finds Tears For Fears at their bombastic best. Tying together electronic drums, plunking pianos and a tidal wave of guitars and synths of the chorus, the new song reveals that the duo has lost nothing in their ability to compose tantalizing, singalong-inducers in their time away from the recording studio.

You can check out the full tracklist for Rule The World below and catch their new composition “I Love You But I’m Lost,” in the video above.

Rule the World
1. “Everybody Wants To Rule The World”
2. “Shout”
3. “I Love You But I’m Lost”
4. “Mad World”
5. “Sowing The Seeds Of Love”
6. “Advice For The Young At Heart”
7. “Head Over Heels”
8. “Woman In Chains”
9. “Change”
10. “Stay”
11. “Pale Shelter”
12. “Mothers Talk”
13. “Break It Down Again”
14. “I Believe”
15. “Raoul And The Kings Of Spain”
16. “Closest Thing To Heaven”

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