Evidence Suggests That Tekashi 69 Will Be Released From Prison In Less Than A Week

For months now, Tekashi 69 has held out hope that he would receive a light sentence in his federal case and be out of prison by early 2020. Now it looks like he could actually be a free man sooner than that, as is suggested by new paperwork that was recently filed.

Moe Gangat, an employment lawyer based in New York City, said in a video — captioned “Papers filed yesterday suggest #6ix9ine will be released next week” — that recently filed paperwork suggests that Tekashi will be out of prison very soon, possibly in less than a week. He explains:

“Look for Tekashi to get out this Wednesday, December 18th, with a sentence of time served. When it’s all said and done, he’s likely to have served just under one year in federal prison. The way federal sentencing works is the government tells the judge what sentence the person should get. Here, the government hasn’t asked for any sentence, and when the government doesn’t ask for any sentence, what they’re saying is: Time served, no sentence.”

“There is something called the pre-trial report issued by the probation department. In the southern district of New York, judges almost always go with the recommendation of the probation department, especially when the probation department and the defense attorneys are both recommending the same thing. Here, the probation department and 69’s defense lawyers both say time served. There is absolutely no reason the judge will give anything other than time served.”

In a follow-up video, Gangat said that because the probation department and the defense attorneys recommend that Tekashi get time served, it would be “extreme” and “unprecedented” for him to be sentenced to anything other than that.

Yesterday, it was revealed that Tekashi sent a letter to the judge in which he expressed his remorse and a sense of optimism for his life moving forward, writing, “I’m happy that the public was able to witness me dealing with the consequences of my actions because I feel like it sheds a light on what can come from gang affiliations. I know that this is part of the plan that God has for me and I am confident that I am ready to face this thing head on.”