That Chick Angel Recruits FendiDa Rappa, Flo Milli, And Sexyy Red To Keep The ‘One Margarita’ Party Going

If you follow Uproxx’s The Best New Hip-Hop This Week, you might have seen last week when I went on a mini-rant about That Chick Angel’s underrated summer song “One Margarita” being so overlooked. That may soon change; after releasing a remix with Saucy Santana last week, TCA follows up this week with a “Ladies Remix” version to keep the party going, recruiting FendiDa Rappa, Flo Milli, and her raunchy rap counterpart Sexyy Red, who has been on a roll lately after her own freaky hit “Pound Town” became a smash in its own right.

The new verses hit all the main points — mainly, that inebriation will, to quote Flo Milli, “turn them to hoes.” That Chick Angel even sneaks in some subtly impressive rhyme play, pairing “amorous” with “scandalous,” and preemptively cuts off all the smoke the song is sure to receive. “I know you hatin’ sayin’, ‘You a mom,’ but / Give me four margarita’s I’ma be my husband’s slut,” she wisecracks, shutting down critiques of the song’s freaky material. The coup de grace is at the end, when she admits, “I’m lyin’. Imma be sleep,” because anyone in a longterm relationship knows how that goes.

This single is seriously “song of the summer” material, but it also has staying power — it’s authentic and clever and relatable and all the other things that can make a song a fan favorite — and even if it doesn’t get its due before the leaves turn, I can see it being a fixture at resort clubs far into the future. Check it out above.