The 1975’s ‘Sincerity Is Scary’ Video Is A Joyful Dance Party On The City Streets

On November 30, The 1975 will drop their feverishly anticipated new album, A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships. It’s the first of two expected albums, with a parade of strong singles adding to the speculation that it should be one of the year’s best albums. Today the Manchester band offered up a visual for the previously released single “Sincerity Is Scary,” further teasing the record as it approaches the week of its release.

The clip finds frontperson Matt Healy waking up in his apartment (notice the address detail of “1975”) and hitting the streets, where his sleepy face quickly dissolves into joy as the bright atmosphere of the city overtakes him. He winds up dancing with strangers, having warm interactions, and even saving a life while singing the song’s “sincere” messages, namely, “Why can’t we be friends / when we are lovers?”

Upon the song’s initial release, Healy has the following to say about the tune:

“I’ve become so aware of the shtick that exists within my kind of lyrical narrative as well, because obviously I love everything that I’ve done previously, but now as I got older I see these kind of defense mechanisms […] I think on this record it’s slightly more, it’s just a bit more open and a bit easier, and genuinely sincere.”

Check out The 1975’s “Sincerity Is Scary” video above.