The Blaze’s Epic Video For ‘Heaven’ Is An Electronic And Uncommonly Cinematic Triumph

Generally speaking, music videos are accessories, a promotional tool for the song, and more broadly, for the artist themselves. They’re not always a thought, but it doesn’t seem like most artists think of what the video is going to be like while they’re still writing the song. That’s not how French duo The Blaze does things, though.

The French duo — consisting of music producers, filmmakers, and cousins Guillaume and Jonathan Alric — work differently: The video isn’t an accessory here, but rather, the reason for the season, so they create the songs and the videos simultaneously, with one informing the other and vice versa. They have a couple songs/videos to their name already — “Virile” and “Territory” — for which they’ve won prestigious awards, like the Grand Prix at Cannes Lions and the Best Directors award at Berlin Music Video Awards.

Now they’re back with another production called “Heaven,” which is a stunning piece of work. The song is a soaring EDM epic, and the visuals depict a situation that might just be heaven: A group of people that love, laugh, and live together under a giant tree.

The song is taken from the Territory EP and is the final video from that release, which came out in 2017. Watch the videos for “Virile” and “Territory,” as well as the clip for “Heaven” above.