The Chainsmokers Posted A Questionable Screed About The ‘F*cking Truth’ On Twitter

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The DJ/production duo The Chainsmokers have had an odd year. They parlayed several successful EPs and massive singles into their first full-length album, but it was panned by critics and they’ve since drawn the ire of both their competition and the general public for various reasons. But Andrew and Alex have rolled on undeterred, going on a massive tour and topping Billboard’s albums chart with their debut album Memories…Do Not Open.

Give those types of ups and downs, and a year full of extremes, one might develop and entirely new perspective on life. Apparently, The Chainsmokers did, and it’s an interesting one as they posted a vulgar but eye-opening diatribe on Twitter that they found somewhere online. In the post, the rant begins with the question “Wanna know the truth?” and continues form there about advice about how to seek out the truth in life.

“Nobody is f*cking happy. Nobody has skin made from oil and sunlight. Nobody f*cking understands this world,” the post says. “F*ck, nobody probably understands math as they claim. You’re here one day and the next you’re not. God? Religion? I’ve learned a lot more about the world by eating acid and swallowing pills. Tell me what the church has done for you,” it continues. “Tell me if you have holes in your mouth form speaking lies? Wanna know the f*cking truth? Pity is just another word for pathetic.”

From there, the message is clearly live life to the fullest, fair advice if I’ve ever seen any, even if it takes a few f-bombs to get the point across. “Drink beer and watch the sunrise from every rooftop. Take photographs naked. Take photographs kissing. Take photographs having sex. Stop making everything about sexuality,” the post says. “Wanna know the f*cking truth? Nobody really gives a damn if you lost your virginity at fourteen or if you were the president in high school. Wanna know the f*cking truth? There is no such thing as the right person. People leave. They change like ocean currents. They leave you with bruises in your calves. And you wanna know the f*ckng truth? You get better. You lear to love. You find God in between the cracks of a wall when you’re puking your limbs out. You wanna know the f*cking truth? Go find it.”

That’s one f*cking way to get a Friday started. Check out the post below.

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