The Fugees Reunion Tour For The 25th Anniversary Of ‘The Score’ Has Been Postponed To Early 2022

After previously kicking off their 25th anniversary tour, The Fugees have now opted to postpone the reunion until early 2022. The reasoning, they said in an Instagram post, is to reach as many fans as possible. “Dates for our upcoming Fugees 25th Anniversary Tour are moving to early 2022 to ensure the best chance that all cities on the tour are fully open so we can perform for as many fans as possible,” said a post on the band’s Instagram page. “With so much excitement around the reunion tour, we are also happy to announce that we will be adding more cities and dates! Full details coming soon along with some SPECIAL announcements!”

It’s quite a common situation at this point in time, where artists excitedly booked tours in the beginning of 2021, assuming that vaccines would put an end to the ongoing spread of Covid-19. But due to the many, many Americans who still refuse to wear masks to help stop the spread, and also those who adamantly oppose vaccinating themselves against a deadly disease that’s killed hundreds of thousands of people, the pandemic has continued well into this fall. It’s unclear how 2022 might be better for these planned tours, but that seems to be the hope for artists who are extending dates.