The Lord Taketh Away The Mark McGrath/Sugar Ray Cruise, The Lord Giveth The Weezer Cruise

Because there will always be people who love being covered in sh*t on the open seas, the Weezer cruise is stepping up to fill the void left by the cancellation of the Mark McGrath/Sugar Ray cruise. Start packing your bags, 90s rock fans!

Reports Pitchfork:

Two years after Weezer set sail on the inaugural Weezer Cruise, Rivers Cuomo and co. are set to take to the ocean againfor another trip on the high seas. The trip takes place February 13-17, 2014, and will travel from Jacksonville, Fla. to the Bahamas. Weezer will perform three sets during the trip, which will include a “Beach Concert With Weezer” on the band’s own “private island”. So, yes, cue the “Island in the Sun” jokes, again, because this time they actually make more sense.

Other acts scheduled to perform will be announced soon. Weezer will also participate in photo sessions, a “special fan Q&A,” and “an interactive Weezer Game Show,” according to a press release.

Below is a video trailer for the cruise. The best part is the Weezer guy at 1:03 who comes off like a hostage being forced to say nice things on camera about the terrorists who have taken him captive.

Coincidentally, “Say It Ain’t So” would be a great name for a memoir about the Weezer cruise in the event it turns into another Poop Cruise.