In The Event You're Looking For Something To Do Tomorrow…

05.18.12 6 years ago 2 Comments

If, by chance, you’re near a computer on Saturday at 5pm est, I’d like to suggest something for you to do: watch the Lumineers — an amazing new band whose debut album (available for $5 on Amazon) lots of people are crushing on right now — perform a set at my house that will be livestreamed on Liveset.

(In case you’re wondering why the Lumineers are livestreaming a show from my house, and I’m sure you are, let me just say this: it’s an old (built in the 1840s) house that was abandoned for a number of years and portions of it still are raw/in need of renovation — but, at the risk of sounding immodest, it’s gorgeous in an aging starlet sort of way, and it looks great on film. Think of it as the Helen Mirren of houses. Hence, Tom Lennon and Ben Garant just filmed the majority of “Hell Baby,” their directorial debut about a young, expectant couple who move in to “New Orleans most haunted fixer-upper”, here. More on that next week, btw.)

ANYWAY, the Lumineers are pretty great so check out the show tomorrow if you’re on the internet.

UPDATE: Here’s the full show…

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