The National Podcast ‘Coffee And Flowers’ Will Offer An In-Depth Look At Their Breakout Record, ‘Boxer’

A new podcast all about The National will launch next February. The series, called Coffee And Flowers, will be co-hosted by journalists Christopher Hooton and David Rapson, and feature a number of notable guests — The National’s Matt Berninger and Aaron Dessner, producer Peter Katis, author Jonathan Ames, and film editor Carin Berninger (who is also Matt’s wife). The first season of Coffee And Flowers will focus on the making of The National’s 2007 breakout record, Boxer. Each episode will cover a different track on the album, with discussions about what the album means to the people who created it and the people who listen to it.

In the trailer for Coffee And Flowers, Berninger shares some anecdotes about the context around Boxer. The band had already put out three albums, none of which had gotten any attention. If Boxer couldn’t help them survive, they’d have to find something else to do for money. “It all felt like a last chance to be a band. Like, who puts out four records that don’t get much attention? We made two that got none, one that got a little, if this one didn’t get a lot, it was over,” Berninger narrates in the trailer.

Of course, we know how this story ends — with Boxer being released to acclaim, three more studio albums, and the re-discovery of all the gems on their older work. Coffee And Flowers will surely be an enlightening look at one of the most iconic rock bands of the last decade.

Coffee And Flowers will premiere in February. Watch the trailer for the series above.