Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Made A Pair Of Headphones To Wear During Tough Workouts

Celebrities have tried their hand at the headphone market in the past, with varying levels of success. Most notably, Dr. Dre became the richest rapper in the world when he sold his Beats brand to Apple. Then there are 50 Cent’s Sync headphones, which aren’t quite as world-changing as Beats, to say the least. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson turns everything he touches into gold, so while his new foray into the headphone market might not make him a billionaire, it ought to be successful.

Johnson took to Instagram today to announce his own pair of headphones, which he says he’s been working on for nearly two years. He wrote:

“They’re here. Like you, my gym time is critical. It’s our time to shut the world out and anchor in. I prefer training in ‘over the ear’ headphones, but have been consistently disappointed (pissed is a better word) with every pair, from every brand that just couldn’t handle my workouts. I thought if no one is going to design headphones BUILT FOR TRAINING, then I would. And I’d make them the best. Almost 2 years later, they’ve arrived.”

Johnson also posted about the headphones back in April, writing on Instagram, “For over a year now I’ve been developing these new Project Rock workout headphones. They’ll be the best you’ve ever trained in in terms of quality and durability.”

These headphones could end up being a solid buy, considering that Johnson worked with a couple of established brands to bring them to fruition: They will be part of his Project Rock brand with Under Armour, and since Under Armour has worked with JBL — a leading and trusted audio brand — on other headphone offerings, it’s safe to assume they’ll be behind the Project Rock headphones as well. All in all, that should add up to a rock-solid product.