The Strokes Say Ryan Adams Got Albert Hammond Jr. Into Heroin, He Denies It

05.15.17 1 year ago 5 Comments

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Today the New York Magazine culture site Vulture published an excerpt from a forthcoming oral history by Lizzy Goodman that is muddled from the very headline — it claims The Strokes were the “last great rock band” and purports to tell their last great moments. Uhhhhh… last great rock band? The Strokes? C’mon man. For the fifty-eleventh time, rock is not f*cking dead, it didn’t die with The Strokes or The Killers, or a group of tall white guys in tight pants. It’s literally thriving!

Anyway, the excerpts taken from Goodman’s book, Meet Me In The Bathroom: Rebirth And Rock And Roll In New York City, 2001–2011, tell quite an interesting tale themselves. The most interesting aspect of which, is a weird tension with Ryan Adams, who the band claim introduced guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. to heroin.

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