The Strokes Take Their ‘Threat Of Joy’ To ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, The Strokes graced their presence to the Kimmel Main Stage to perform “Threat of Joy,” the latest single off their EP, Future Present Past, which the group released in late May.

As illustrated by the chorus, the song explores the struggle between temptation and self-control:
“And for the first time in my life/ I’m gonna get myself right,” followed up quickly by “Just get into trouble/ Be there on the double” — autobiographical material from frontman Julian Casablancas who has struggled with substance abuse issues in the band’s earlier days. For the performance, shaggy-haired Casablancas sported his trademark sunglasses inside along with some vintage surfwear.

Acting as the “Present” in Future Present Past, “Threat Of Joy” serves as a nod to previous Strokes material and to the fact that the rockers, despite having a major following for almost 20 years now, haven’t lost their their indie/garage rock lustre.

Though the lyrical content of the song doesn’t seem specifically political, the music video for it is full of satirical political undertones that kicks off with a film noir-esque heist and depicts men in pig masks, representing Wall Street executives and corrupt government officials. You can watch it below: