The Weeknd’s ‘Lost In The Fire’ Lyrics Are Being Called ‘Homophobic’

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The Weeknd’s new song with French produce Gesaffelstein, “Lost In The Fire,” has gotten a lot of attention lately, but between the speculation and now criticism that the track has received, it might be for all the wrong reasons. While some listeners have focused on The Weeknd’s spiteful potential Drake reference from the first verse, others noticed homophobic tropes in the song’s racy second verse and are now calling out the singer for perpetuating harmful stereotypes.

On the song’s second verse, The Weeknd sings about sparking a threesome with his partner, crooning: “Well, baby, you can bring a friend / she can ride on top your face / While I f*ck you straight.” This line sparked some backlash on Twitter, where Nylon writer Jill Gutowitz called the lyrics “f*cking vile,” pointing out that the idea of sexing away homosexuality should have become passé long ago. “In 2019, we’re still doing ‘fuck you straight’ and calling female queerness a ‘phase?’” she asked rhetorically.

Other commenters, including Amber Bain of The Japanese House and fellow musician Marika Hackman also chimed in, sarcastically congratulating The Weeknd for “managing to deride, fetishise and dismiss lesbianism all in one verse” and telling him to “f*ck off with these lyrics.”

More users have begun to offer similar commentary, but The Weeknd himself has yet to respond. Meanwhile, with his new album already in the works, now might be the time for him to double check and make sure his future lyrics don’t alienate anymore potential listeners.