The Who Think Their Glastonbury Gig Was Sabotaged

The Who Perform At The 02 Arena
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The Who, one of the biggest British bands still touring today (even if two members of the classic lineup are now dead), were a sensible choice to headline the Pyramid Stage on the final night of Glastonbury. However, not everybody was happy with the way their show unfolded, and that apparently includes The Who themselves. What do they think was the issue? Well, according to NME, the band sums it up as such: Listen all y’all, it’s sabotage!

In a blog post on their website, which according to a spokesperson, was written by a member of the band’s crew who plays keyboard, there was a saboteur who had it out for The Who:

“As we began to prepare our coming changeover, we found someone had sabotaged the carefully-tested audio connections for much of our gear,” the blog reads. “We’ve never seen that before, but we’re good at plugging things in, so all damage was repaired in time. Was it Mr. Weller or Lionel, no way. Dalai Lama – hmmm…. he did steal the show already.”

Meanwhile, Pete Townshend is quoted as saying that this gig was “one of the worst the band has ever played.”

Was it sabotage? Or was it just another instance of the sound quality at a music festival being less than stellar? Regardless, any frustrations didn’t keep Townsend from throwing some shade toward fellow Glastonbury headliner Kanye West, who made his infamous “greatest living rock star on the planet” comment earlier during the festival. The crowd for The Who were very pleased with Townsend’s comment, almost as if those who go see an aging rock band aren’t into an uncompromising hip hop genius.

(Via NME)