Theresa Andersson's Video For 'Hold On To Me' Takes You Inside A Mardi Gras Parade

Few people have been successful at capturing Mardi Gras on film. Even with all of the current “Hollywood South” stuff that’s being going on in New Orleans the past few years, getting concessions from the city for filming anything is nearly impossible. Easy Rider captured it well with some guerrilla filming in the late 1960s, and I think an episode from the most recent season of Treme captured it better than anyone ever has employing the same guerrilla method.

With that said, during the Krewe of Muses parade that rolls on the Thursday night before Mardi Gras, New Orleans-based singer/songwriter Theresa Andersson performed throughout the parade on top of a giant swan-like bird, a scene that was quite a spectacle for all of us who saw it in person, even by Mardi Gras standards. Andersson used video captured that night on the streets of NOLA for her video for “Hold On.” It’s quite pretty, as is the song. Enjoy.

(HT: Gambit)