Thom Yorke Previews His Upcoming ‘Suspiria’ Soundtrack With A Hushed And Haunting New Song, ‘Suspirium’

Over the weekend, Luca Guadagnino’s remake of Dario Argento’s 1977 horror film Suspiria debuted at the Venice Film Festival, earning both extremely positive reviews from some well-known critics and a few knocks that the film wasn’t scary enough. As the follow-up to Guadagnino’s beloved release from last year, Call Me By Your Name, it’s likely that this arthouse release will get a few more eyeballs than are maybe ready for its dark and mysterious world, and the involvement of Radiohead leader Thom Yorke in the music will certainly help that.

On October 26, Thom Yorke will offer up his complete soundtrack for Suspiria, featuring 25 original compositions that run the gamut from traditional songs with vocals to instrumental interludes to more traditional score work. Together, it will be released as a Yorke solo effort unlike anything he has ever done before, with an advance description mentioning “piano/vocal ballads, Krautrock-esque modular synth work inspired by the film’s Berlin 1977 setting, multilayered vocals, and melodies that convey terror, longing, and melancholy combine to create a chaotic yet cohesive musical spell.” For his Radiohead faithful, this is reason to get excited.

Ahead of the release, Yorke has shared “Suspirium,” which represents the “piano/vocal ballads” aspect described above. There are few people as captivating as Yorke is at just being himself, with the spare melody entrancing in large part because of the distinct personality that Yorke adds to all his work. Listen to the song above.

Look for Thom Yorke’s Suspiria released on October 26 via XL, the same day the film hits theaters.