Yes, Justin Bieber’s ‘Cold Water’ Sounds Fantastic As A Country Song

Country singer Thomas Rhett may have a wall full of platinum plaques, a handful of No. 1 country hits and routine Top 40 radio spins, but that’s not stopping him from being a fully-fledged Belieber. Rhett does not hide his affinity for Justin Bieber and maybe that’s why he crushes it every time he covers one of the Biebs’ tracks, just like he did when he belted out his own rendition of Bieber and Major Lazer’s “Cold Water,”on The Bobby Bones Show.

The original track, which also features Mø, is a vibrant, electro dance track that warbles and thumps full of boisterous chimes and synths. Here, Rhett reimagines it as a stripped down, acoustic, solemn tale of love through any and everything. In this rendition, the lyrics shine, rather than Major’s emphatic production, and the sparse instrumentation give Rhett’s vocals the space necessary to thrive as he gradually grows more passionate both visually and sonically throughout. Eventually, he settles into a calm for the finale, and lets out a smile he can’t hold back as he wraps the cover up.

It’s not the first time he’s took a Bieber track for a spin and gave it his own twist, check out Rhett’s cover of Justin’s No. 1 hit “Love Yourself” below. In a perfect world, Bieber’s crossover country track is in the works too.

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