Tierra Whack Invites Us Into Her Mind On Her New Song, ’27 Club’

Tierra Whack never shies away from raw emotion. Ahead of her upcoming debut album, World Wide Whack, Whack has shared “27 Club,” her poignant, heartbreaking new single.

On “27 Club,” Whack details the dark thoughts that occasionally come to her mind. The song’s title itself refers to a group of musicians — which includes Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, and Amy Winehouse — who died at 27 years old.

“When the world seems like it’s against you / When your friends and family forget you / It ain’t really hard to convince you /Looking for something to commit to?,” she sings on one of the song’s verses.

The song’s music video is expected to arrive later today (February 16). In a teaser clip for the video, Whack is seen in costume, with a stoic look on her face. She is carrying a mask made in the likeness of her face, however, the mask is smiling.

Last year, Whack spoke with Lil Yachty in a conversation for Rolling Stone. During their chat, Whack noted that she is not fazed by any sort of competition.

“If I’m just being myself and following my own path, I can’t see anything else,” said Whack. “I’m just focused on me and having fun and being myself.”

You can listen to “27 Club” above.

Whack World is out 3/15 via Interscope. Find more information here.