Tierra Whack Gets The Job Done On Over A Minimal Beat On The Witty ‘Unemployed’

Tierra Whack is back, right on schedule. Her latest track, “Unemployed,” is once again the Zane Lowe World Record, premiering just moments ago on the Australian DJ’s Beats 1 Radio show. On this one, the high concepts and autobiographical tales get stripped away for some down-and-dirty, straightforward rap as Whack tornadoes her way through a minimal beat with a dizzying collection of flows, proclaiming that she has a job to do. It must be “undertaker” because she buries this beat with bars like “don’t push me b*tch, I am not a stroller / Pop up on a n—-a like bread in toasters.”

The 23-year-old Philadelphia-bred rapper has displayed some straight up impressive consistency in 2019, dropping off a new track every Tuesday like clockwork. If it’s an album promotion strategy, it’s certainly one that has the potential to pay off well, considering similar tactics worked in the past for the likes of Kanye West. However, considering how innovative her prior release, Whack World, turned out to be, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that this is her album, piecemealed out before being stitched together as a collection. Considering her attitude toward existing conventions, she may not even have an album in works, she’s just proving how darn good she is at this rapping stuff.

Previous releases in her Whack History Month campaign have included “Clones,” “Gloria,” “Only Child,” and “Wasteland.”