Tim Heidecker Trolls Trump With The Jimmy Buffett Parody ‘Mar-A-Lago’

As one half of the duo that made shifting, universe-breaking absurdism the common tongue of ’00s comedy, we all knew Tim Heidecker could be funny when we allowed him the space to freak out. But who knew that the comedian could be so great when given a target to hit? Heidecker continues his stream of Donald Trump-trolling tracks with “Mar-A-Lago”, a beach-country track about our president’s penchant for taking weekends off.

In a style that sounds like the nexus point of Jimmy Buffett, Kenny Chesney and Randy Newman, Heidecker prods the president who is on pace to outspend his predecessor’s eight-year vacation budget in a single year.

“Sure I like to get on the mic and gin up the crowd,” Heidecker sings as a frazzled Trump. “But I’d rather be on the tee where those folks aren’t allowed.”

It’s a good deal more fun than “Trump’s Private Pilot” and it points out the absurdity of disappearing to an oceanside resort while doing everything in your power to avoid taking action on climate change. But maybe the soothing, Alan Jackson-esque tune will calm Trump’s nerves after he re-reads a report on his tanking approval ratings. Then again, it probably won’t have that effect. Listen above.