Tinashe Is Bringing Back That Crop Top And Sweatpants Look In Her ‘Company’ Video

Tinashe’s “Company” has rarely left my rotation since Nightride dropped in November. It manages to make chiptune sound slinky and sexy, a feat that shouldn’t be possible. Now that track has an equally sultry video wherein Tinashe and a troupe of dancers ask for company and get it.

The video is fairly straightfoward, making the frank talk of the track even more explicit, but there are a few bells and whistles thrown in to make the clip worth watching. Light up floors will never not be kinda cool and it’s a fun game to see how long it takes you to realize the stuff on the walls is moving.

If that and Tinashe steaming things up the way she did for Britney Spears’ “Slumber Party” isn’t enough for you, I highly recommend watching the face of the man who starts on Tinashe’s left. That dancer was clearly sleeping while everyone else attended the Magic Mike Trade School For Sexy Dance Stoicism, and his expressions are pure gold.

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