To Kanye…Love Kanye

Like a lot of people I have mixed feelings about Kanye West. And seeing as how I’m a white dude listening to Beirut as I type this I probably won’t be doing the exploration necessary to resolve those feelings any time soon. Bottom line: I like many of his tracks but dislike copious amounts of self-absorption. Let’s leave it at that.

One thing my feelings are united on is my love for this “To Kanye…Love Kanye” autographed photo that started making the viral rounds this morning. I’m an even bigger fan of the lack of context. In the world I want to live in it resides on Aziz Ansari’s nightstand.

But then Cajun Boy notified me of this…

It’s still context-less. I’m sure someone in the comments can provide background, but I’m not sure I want any because I think I just decided I’m fully pro Kanye.

Via Julia Segal and Rainbow Drive. GIF via Frisbee Plates.

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