Tom Morello And Chuck D Of Prophets Of Rage React To Charlottesville: The KKK Have ‘Unhooded’ In The Oval Office

Earlier this week Tom Morello and Chuck D of Prophets Of Rage — among many other respective musical projects — stopped by Uproxx Studios to talk about the upcoming debut album for the group, No More Patience and laser in on why their music has always pursued a political bent.

In an interview with Steven Hyden, Tom and Chuck spoke out about their thoughts on the white supremacist rally that turned violent and threw Charlottesville, Virginia into a state of emergency over the weekend.

“We should be totally pissed off by what happened in Charlottesville and by what our president is saying,” Morello said. “He is clearly on the record who he’s representing. The Nazis and the KKK have unhooded themselves, because they’ve taken off the hoods in the Oval Office, so they feel more comfortable taking off the hoods in the streets. Resistance to injustice happened before Donald Trump, it’ll happen during Donald Trump, and it’ll happen after Donald Trump. So can it get worse? Of course it can get worse.”

“He knows damn well there’s a contingent out there that he inspired and made rise with the rhetoric he was spinning in his campaign,” Chuck added. “It’s very important that culture and music speaks its loudest as being a voice, because we can’t rely on government. Things don’t fix itself, we gotta make it happen.”

Watch the full clip above and look for more breakouts from the interview rolling out over the next few weeks.