Toosii Was Maced After Gunfire Reportedly Broke Out Near His Show In Jacksonville

Toosii and YK Osiris were attempting to host an outdoor concert for their young fanbase in Jacksonville, Florida, but the show was shut down before it even started. As concertgoers were piling into an outdoor skate park, shots rang out and the two musicians ended up getting maced in the crowd.

According to a report from Action News Jax, the Jacksonville’s Sheriff’s Office filed an incident report about the shots fired near Toosii and YK Osiris’ concert at the Regency Square Mall. Police were speaking to the concert’s security when they heard shots ring out from nearby and concertgoers began to run for safety. Thankfully, no one was injured but police did find five bullet casings in the mall’s parking lot.

Toosii took to Twitter to deny allegations of a shooting at his show but the musician said he did end up getting maced, though he didn’t offer many details. “Last night at my show in Jacksonville, Florida I got maced for no reason at all along with several of my fans (young fans). They shut it down because of capacity so I went outside to greet everyone and this is what happened.”

Many of Toosii’s concertgoers were teenagers and he’s spoken about his fanbase’s young age before. Chatting with Uproxx in a recent interview, Toosii addressed the fact that so many young people look up to him. While he was growing up, that role model was Nipsey Hussle. “Honestly, just as far as like his head spin and keeping a level head and understanding what’s really going on in the world,” Toosii said about Nipsey’s influence. “A lot of people in my generation follow the wrong thing. Then, Nipsey was the main reason that I started investing and saving my money and doing the things that I wanted to do, because, the OG made that look like it was cool. I grew up around dope boys and doing some smack, some had guns and stuff like that. Basically, Nipsey was like a breath of fresh air. It’s like, ‘Yo, you don’t got to do that type of stuff.'”

Watch a fan-captured video of Toosii and YK Osiris in the crowd above.