Tory Lanez And Megan Thee Stallion Broke Social Distancing Guidelines And Fans Are Not Happy

Tory Lanez’s Quarantine Radio Instagram Live stream is one of the delights of the current lockdown era, as fans tune in to see which of Tory’s famous friends will call in for a chat and how closely the Torontonian can toe the line of Instagram’s decency guidelines without getting suspended… again. However, during the last episode of the show, fans were upset to see that he and his latest guest had violated social distancing rules, when Tory broadcasted live from Megan Thee Stallion’s account — and from her house.

Megan herself seemed a bit annoyed by her co-star as well, but for different reasons. As she tried to teach him the dance from the TikTok Out West Challenge based on the Jackboys song of the same name featuring Young Thug and Travis Scott, Tory seemed unable to commit to one of the moves, prompting her to wonder, “Tory, what you doing!?”

Fans on Twitter, though, were quick to chime in, wondering what both artists were doing breaking quarantine for their impromptu hangout. With coronavirus’ spread curbing, it seemed to viewers that the pair were taking an unnecessary risk by sharing space. It’s a sentiment that’s popped up in other Live streams as well, including several editions of the Verzuz battle series where participants brought in engineers, musicians, and hype men to fluff up their elaborate indoor performances when only a decent speaker was needed.

The comments in the Shade Room post of their stream are also littered with fans upset that the two beloved artists would risk spreading the virus. The moral of the story is, as always, stay indoors and six feet away, because you’d hate it if you were responsible for someone being bedridden or worse.

Check out the responses and a snippet of the live stream above.