Tory Lanez Brings The Heat On His New Single, ‘Temperature Rising’

Tory Lanez just released his album New Toronto 3 a month ago. But that’s not stopping the Toronto native from sharing even more music. The singer returns with some heat on the slow-burning number “Temperature Rising.”

Sharing the new track to social media, Lanez aptly wrote that his new single will make him responsible for “80 percent” of the babies made during quarantine. A low, pounding beat sizzles under Lanez’s crooning lyrical delivery. “Temperature’s risin’ / And I’m fantasizin’ bout’ givin’ it to you,” he sings while showcasing his vocal’s impressive range.

Lanez’s short turn around time is no accident. Lanez shared with fans that New Toronto 3 was his way of getting out of his record deal, referencing his former contract with Interscope. He also appears to not be interested in signing a new deal, previously saying that he doesn’t see a need for it. “There’s so many labels offering me so much money, like millions of dollars,” Lanez said in an interview with Genius. “I’ve gotten offers that are life-changing offers, but I don’t care. I already own my masters and publishing and everything. So I don’t see any reason to give that to somebody else.”

Ahead of the single’s release, Lanez linked up with YouTube to put on The Social Distance Tour, an interactive livestream concert for fans. And now that Lanez is free from contracts, fans can expect even more new music from the prolific artist.

Listen to “Temperature Rising” above.