Hip-Hop Artist Jidenna Has A Passion For Style, 3-Piece Suits And Canes… He Loves Canes

Normally, when it comes to collecting, hip-hop stars are concerned with bling. But for talented hip-hop recording artist, Jidenna, that’s not his thing. The Grammy nominated-artist (who has a deal with Janelle Monáe’s Wondaland Records label) has the kind of thing you remember… because it’s relatively unheard of for someone under the age of 96.

Jidenna collects canes. Cool, original, just like his father rocked. He has about 20 of them. They’re adorned with globes, pipe-smoking Nigerians and other clutch-worthy takes on the walking staff. They’re as much a nod to his individuality as the three-piece bespoke suits he dons from thrift shops.

“Every walking cane has a story,” says the platinum recording artist with a signature sense of style and swagger. His dressed-to-the-nines thing isn’t exactly the kind of vibe you expect from a hip-hop star on-the-rise, but nonetheless, it’s been helping him forge his own path since the beginning.

But don’t call the guy who looks fresh out of the Harlem Renaissance a fashionista. “I don’t know much about fashion, man… I feel like I have more in common with an Amish man or a Hasidic Jew than I do with Armani or Versace… I’m just trying to pay homage to men of great caliber and great style.” Like he sings in his hit song… “He’s a Classic Man.”

That’s Jidenna.