Travis Scott’s Third McDonald’s Drop Includes Cups, Rugs, And Tote Bags

The third drop of Travis Scott’s McDonald’s collaboration has arrived. While previous drops included far-out items like Chicken Nugget Body Pillows and french fry-adorned house shoes, the latest collection is much more subdued and utilitarian, with useful items like a double-walled plastic cup, a variety of tote bags with surrealist designs on them, and even a cardigan sweater for the impending temperature drop we’re all hoping for this autumn (in surprisingly season-appropriate colors, considering it’s based on a 40-year-old ad campaign).

Travis Scott

There are also two pairs of shorts touting another duo of McDonald’s promotional items, the McRib sandwich and Shamrock Shake. Like Travis’ merch, both of these items tend to fly out of stores when available, although neither has ever caused a shortage of everyday ingredients the way the Travis Scott meal (a regular Quarter Pouder with bacon on it) has. A long-sleeve shirt touts its wearer’s experience in grabbing the burger, a pair of sweatshirts read back the script from Travis’ television ad announcing the collab, and a floor rug brings an abstract version of the artist munching on a burger to your living room (or wherever you put it).

Travis Scott

As usual, you can check out the merch at Travis Scott’s website, and be quick about it — the last two drops sold out within days, so you can expect this one to do the same.