Paul Scheer Shows 98 Degrees Were The Worst On ‘TRL’ With ‘Scheer-RL’

If you’re around a certain age, the MTV show TRL was appointment viewing for an entire generation. On the air for a decade, the show had so many memorable moments, both good and bad. Thankfully, Paul Scheer has decided to take the weirdest and worst moments and recreate them for his new web series Scheer-RL. If you’ve already seen his first interview recreation series, The Arscheerio Paul Show, which recreated the strangest interviews from The Arsenio Hall Show, you know we’re in good hands.

This time, we’re treated to a recreation of 98 Degrees’ first appearance in Times Square with Silicon Valley‘s Thomas Middleditch and Party Down‘s Ryan Hansen as members of the beefy boy band. Of course, with some of the recreating, some of the details get sort of fudged for comedy, but the interview and their answers are still pretty true to script. The only thing missing is Paul Scheer wearing black nail polish. A rare miss.

Compare it to the original:

(Via Buh)