Tupac’s Ex-Girlfriend Is Auctioning Off A Pic Of His California Love For Almost $8K

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Let this be a definitive lesson for all of us: photos are forever. Twenty-one years after Tupac Shakur’s death, one of his ex-girlfriends is selling a Skandalouz photo of his eggplant for $7,500. Included in the **ahem** package, are some other party pics but really who cares about those, amirite?

As legend has it, Pac would pull down his pants to get all eyez on him and show his homies his junk to shock them (uh, ok…) and during a 1990 Gangsta Party in Marin County, his girlfriend threatened to snap a flick if he didn’t contain the cobra, and since Tupac was anything but shy and certainly not one to back down from a challenge, he continued to let it all hang out and let his lady take a photo.

Allegedly, the woman is coordinating her sales with rock ‘n’ roll auction house Gotta Have Rock ‘N’ Roll, and if you’re interested in buying them you can place a bid. While she wants $7,500 for them, she’d be willing to sell to the highest bidder if they don’t reach the desired price.

While the dick pic doesn’t fall quite into the category of revenge porn (even though we don’t know why she and the rapper broke up), it certainly seems odd that the photos are going for such a high price, and really that she’s selling them at all. It’s not clear whether she’s fallen on hard times or she’s seen how much other items with his name on them have been selling for recently and wants to capitalize. Whatever the case, we ain’t mad at cha, girl. Only God can judge you.