Tyga Grabbed The Gun Of A Security Guard Who Kicked Him Out Of Floyd Mayweather’s Birthday Party

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Tyga got into an altercation Saturday night after being kicked out of a club where he was attending Floyd Mayweather‘s 42nd birthday party. In a video obtained by TMZ, Tyga and his crew were ejected from Hollywood’s Sunset Room in Hollywood. It shows Tyga trying to throw hands at someone before a security guard notices him and pulls the rapper away. A security guard grabs Tyga from behind and begins dragging him outside.

Tyga continuously yells, “Chill out,” to the security guard who is clearly using force.

Once the security guard released Tyga from his grip, the video cuts to the rapper attempting to pull a gun from the security’s waistband. Tyga reaches for the gun several times before the security guard grabs and holds onto it. After walking away, Tyga lifts up his hood and runs to flee a swarm of paparazzi which were gathering around the scene.

Watch the full video of the incident in Hollywood.

A statement was released by Floyd Mayweather’s brand, TMT, about the incident. The statement claims Tyga was at the birthday party for a mere ten minutes before the altercation occurred.

“On behalf of TMT & Wright Productions we cannot adequately express many thanks to the friends, family and media that came out to support Floyd Mayweather’s “Money May Back to the 90s” birthday extravaganza.

The video that has been shared in the press and in the media of Tyga being escorted out of the venue was unfortunate and troubling. Though we are unsure of what exactly caused the altercation, we are certain that Floyd Mayweather and TMT were not involved. Tyga had arrived to the venue around 12:30 am, just 10 minutes before being removed. Security took appropriate measures to deescalate the situation and to do what was in the best interest of everyone’s safety.”