Soulja Boy Praises Travis Scott For ‘Taking Tyga’s Girl’ Kylie Jenner

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Soulja Boy’s name is low-key booming again in hip-hop and he’s taking advantage of the opportunity to get a lot off his chest. During a recent interview, he accused Drake of copying his flow to blow up and has spent the past week on a publicity run to herald his own outsized influence on the modern hip-hop landscape. Of course, now that he’s upwardly-famous again, TMZ came looking for a quote and he did not disappoint.

During his return to prominence, Soulja seemed to take issue with the equally newly resurgent Tyga, claiming that he put the “Taste” rapper on when no one knew who he was (based on the fact that Tyga makes a cameo appearance in Soulja’s video for “Donk“). While Soulja maintained that he had the biggest comeback of 2018, Tyga simply responded with the below tweet, comparing their respective end-of-year tallies on Spotify.

Soulja’s reply via TMZ is equally petty. After answering questions from the cameraman about his recent week of outlandish claims, rapper feuds, and Travis Scott’s upcoming performance at the Super Bowl, Soulja replied, “I love Travis Scott! He took Tyga’s b*tch.” This is, of course, a reference to the fact that both rappers dated Kylie Jenner — albeit at different times. Still, one of hip-hop’s go-to insults is to insinuate some overlap took place, so Tyga probably won’t feel too kindly toward Soulja when he catches wind. Meanwhile, Soulja used the opportunity to continue to plug his dubious game consoles and not his music, so the likelihood of 20109’s first rap battle breaking out after last year’s bonanza seems slim.