Azealia Banks Suggested That Tyler The Creator And Lil Nas X Become A ‘Power Couple’ And At Least One Of Them Seemed Into It

Azealia Banks is mainly known for her incendiary takes on everything from Beyoncé’s Cowboy Carter cover to Nicki Minaj’s feud with Megan Thee Stallion, but her latest hot take to go viral is slightly more… romantic(?). While criticizing Tyler The Creator and Lil Nas X for their romantic interests (ah, there it is), she made a suggestion that one seems open to and the other just seems confused by.

“I really think Tyler The Creator and Lil Nas X should get over their obsession with broke white bussy and become a power couple,” she wrote on Instagram. In a caption, she elaborated, “No more white Taco Bell-eating Caucasian twinkery, guys,” which is, admittedly, one hell of a roast. She also took the opportunity to accuse Lil Nas X of jocking her style (ONE hit 14 years ago, has anyone ever seen such a run of semi-relevance behind less?), offer some suggestions for new collaborators, and make vague allusions to the allegations against Diddy — who again, has also not had a serious hit in like a decade. Someone buy this woman a Delorean and the 1.21 gigawatts of electricity it’d take for her to catch up to 2024.

In any event, Tyler seemed amused by her matchmaking attempt, writing, “lmfao what the hell” in response. Nas took things a step further, joking(?), “azealia banks is right! Me and tyler SHOULD f*ck!”

I am sure that there are those in the stan community who would love nothing less than to see her unhinged shipping fantasy come true. Meanwhile, those of us who have business of our own to mind (and lord, how I wish mine did NOT include writing about this nonsense for clicks) will continue to do so while Banks worries about everybody else.