Under-Appreciated Indie Albums That Were Released This Week

Radiant Baby/Niall O

It has been reported that 99 percent of all music streaming activity comes from just 10 percent of all available songs, meaning that the most popular tracks are pretty much all most people listen to. Even if those reported numbers aren’t completely accurate, that still feels true. That’s great for those artists, but what about everybody else? What about the folks who don’t have as much promotional firepower in their arsenal but are still releasing terrific material that ought to be heard? Well, this is my small attempt to help level that disparity: A list of this week’s finest indie albums that you may not have heard, or even heard of.

There were some solid releases this week, like Bob Dylan’s grandson and the kooky strangeness of Gary Wilson, so check it all out below.

Talos — Far Out Dust

Talos (real name Eoin French) has an airy voice, which works terrifically with the spacious soundscapes he creates on songs like the Far Out Dust title track. He uses his vocals in a variety of ways too, like when he auto-tunes them on “The Light Upon Us.”

Flat Worms — Into The Iris EP

If you need an emergency shot of energy, Flat Worms wouldn’t be a bad group to turn to. They come across like a more punk Parquet Courts on “Surreal New Year,” and they capture a similar vibe at an increased tempo of “Shouting At The Wall.”

Gary Wilson — The King Of Endicott

Wilson earned himself a cult following after he retired just as he released his 1977 album You Think You Really Know Me, but he re-started his career and became active again in the 2000s. If you liked Wilson in the 70s, you’ll like him now, as songs like the new album’s title track still have all the weird charm of his most famous material.

Pablo Dylan — The Finest Somersault EP

Bob Dylan’s son Jakob has famously done well for himself, both in his solo career and as part of The Wallflowers, and now his grandson Pablo is trying to make a name for himself too. He started his career rapping, although he goes for more of a Dylan-esque spoken word approach on songs like the EP’s title track.

Radiant Baby — Restless

There’s something infectious about ’80s synth pop, and while that’s not exactly what Radiant Baby is all about, there is definitely a similar energy at play on his latest. “Funny Games” has synths that are of the era, but there’s something more modern about it than a simple #tbt-style song. It doesn’t live off the aesthetic, but uses it as a delivery system for catchy songwriting.