Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s Lead Singer Apologized After Making A Joke About Caitlyn Jenner On Twitter

There are some things that people have to know they are going to catch hell for. Making a transphobic joke to more than 60,000 people on Twitter is one of those things. Unknown Mortal Orchestra singer Ruban Nielson learned that lesson after he expressed his anger over Caitlyn Jenner’s support of Ted Cruz in a way that was less than kosher.

Nielson went on to explain to fans that he was a “dumbass” and “drunk,” but refused to back away from his anger toward Jenner.

Being fair to Nielson, Jenner used her platform as the most well-known trans woman in the world to stump for a candidate who has some of the most hostile views toward the LGBT community of any presidential candidate. He explained this in a series of tweets.

Nielson eventually accepted blame for his initial joke and tweeted out two apologies, one in the form of a message to NME.

That longer apology reads:

“I’m drunk and this world is mad. I expressed myself very badly. I was mad about Caitlyn Jenner supporting a politician that hates the LGBT community. Ironically I said something that is offensive to most people. I forget that not everybody find’s my schtick cute. Big love to my trans brothers and sisters. Don’t misread my heart please. Forgive me.”

Nielson then told his fans that he’s going to take some time to think about what happened.

(Via NME)