Usher And James Corden Spend Most Of Their ‘Carpool Karaoke’ Doing Good Deeds Around Los Angeles

Usher is the latest to help James Corden get to work with a Carpool Karaoke, but the main focus on this edition seems to running errands and doing good deeds for Usher and other random people around Los Angeles. They’re outside of the car a lot during the segment, with Usher trying to teach Corden how to dance a bit and then asking the host to stop by his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame so he could spruce it up a bit. Some folks made some passing comments, but it turned out to be more like general housekeeping than a shoot from a late night talk show. At least he didn’t go ahead and refer to himself as president or anything.

After that, the pair head off once again and come upon a group of men pushing a car down the street to a nearby body shop. They just pull over, ask if the gents need some help, and then proceed to block traffic and push the car where it needs to go. They then take off again, with everything going smooth thanks to television magic.

This all could’ve been a set up, of course. You can’t trust anything on television these days. If it turns into a backdoor pilot for some sort of mystery thriller show where Usher and Corden travel around like David Banner and help strangers, I think it’d be worth a watch. Toss in a dark backstory for Corden and a chance for Usher to show off his moves and you’ve got a hit on your hands.

(Via The Late Late Show)