Usher Intervened When ‘Black Lives Matter’ Posters Interrupted A Hillary Clinton Speech

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Usher isn’t just a pretty face. Sure he can sing, dance, and judge a reality singing competition no problem, but he is also apparently capable of serving as an impromptu crowd control manager when needed. According to TMZ, Usher single handedly calmed a group of Black Lives Matter protestors who were interrupting Hillary Clinton while at a recent campaign stop in South Carolina. As the group was yelling and singing during Clinton’s attempt at giving a speech, Usher took it upon himself to defend the candidate he has publicly supported and calm the group down for the duration of the event.

Hillary acknowledged the protestors in her speech rather than ignoring them and their message which isn’t something every presidential candidate would do, but there isn’t a lot she could do while behind a podium. Naturally Usher swooped in like an angel in an all black suit to get them to understand where Clinton is coming from on the issue. TMZ has exclusive video of his emergency peace summit where you can see Usher’s calm, cool, and collected discussion with the group. While he should be lauded for understanding the protestor’s view points and diffusing the situation, let’s hope this doesn’t keep him from the very important job of dancing and showing off those abs.

(via TMZ)

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