Verzuz Fans Questioned Gucci Mane’s Decision To Play His Bruno Mars Collaboration

Wait, why would Gucci Mane play his Bruno Mars collaboration during Verzuz?

That was the question circulating after Guwop chose to play a fairly recently song he did with Kodak Black and Bruno, “Wake Up In The Sky.” The move was a flub because Gucci had just ridiculed Jeezy about living in the past and told him to play some new sh*t… but when he dropped his own “new” song, it was a complete flop and sort of undermined his point. Secondly, fans wanted to hear deep cuts and older, classic Atlanta rap record — not a sorta pop crossover. Gucci began the night playing diss tracks, so the slow tempo of “Wake Up In The Sky” didn’t do much for his aggressive momentum.

Overall, tonight’s Verzuz seemed to be a dead even match between the two longtime rivals, who have a history of intense bad blood between them. A slight misstep like Gucci opting for this extremely mid collab track angered and disappointed some fans, who were hoping he’d stay in the pocket with cult favorites and successfully win the battle. Check out some more thoughts on the move below, because as always, Twitter remains undefeated when it comes to telling artists exactly how they feel.

Meanwhile, the overall winner has been declared “the fans” as the two finished the night by doing their joint song “So Icy” together. Is that a real reconciliation? Well, it’s a start. Check out the whole playlist here.

Gucci Mane is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.