Why VH1 Classic Shouldn’t Have Canceled ‘That Metal Show’

01.23.16 2 years ago 11 Comments
that metal show cancelled - vh1 classic

VH1 Classic

On Tuesday, metalheads everywhere were shocked and disappointed to find out the VH1 Classic would not be airing any new episodes of That Metal Show, which had aired on the network since 2008. During its seven-year run, the show featured countless legendary hard rock and metal musicians, along with several more unheralded artists. There was also a lot of passionate discussion about the genre from hosts Eddie Trunk, Jim Florentine, and Don Jameison. Really, it was the only place on TV where metalheads could see there favorite music be appreciated. That’s one of many reasons why this show will be sorely missed.

First off, That Metal Show just worked. The three hosts were all friends in real life, and it showed in the great chemistry they had. The more comedy-minded Florentine and Jameison would often bust Eddie Trunk’s chops, but he always took it in stride, and was never afraid to deliver a zinger of his own. The trio could also get into some serious arguments when debating their favorite music. One of the best parts of the show was the Top 5, where each host made a ranking for a given category (my personal favorite was Best Albums With Bad Cover Art), and would lobby heavily to get their selections on the final list. There was also the Throwdown, where they’d debate topics like Priest or Maiden, and Appetite For Destruction or Hysteria. While the vibe was decidedly light, it was clear the hosts cared deeply about the music they discussed, which is why the show resonated with so many viewers.

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