Vic Mensa And Chance The Rapper Strip Down ‘Shelter’ For An Acoustic Live Performance

After producing a few hilarious skits and a slick new single, we’re still not sure exactly what Chance The Rapper’s “House Of Kicks” really is. However, the creative run he’s been on since teasingThe Heart & The Tongue” last month has apparently extended to shooting live, stripped-down performances, as well. Today, Chance shared a self-directed video of his good friend Vic Mensa performing an acoustic rendition of his soulful single “Shelter” at Chance’s house, with The Rapper filling in for Wyclef Jean on the chorus.

The performance opens with Vic performing his verse in front of a crackling fireplace backed by a mellow orchestral arrangement sans drums. Meanwhile, Chance leans on his picture windowsill across the room to sing the tender hook and perform his own verse. The two rappers harmonize nicely on the chorus, then the video loses saturation for a black-and-white view of Vic’s final verse and the song’s outro.

“Shelter” was the friends’ first on-record reunion since 2013, when they guested on each other’s mixtapes Acid Rap and Innanetape. They had a falling out as they both rose to stardom, but were eventually able to put their differences aside as both found their footing in fame, with Chance starting a family and Vic returning to form on the fiery V Tape. They finally reunited officially on Vic’s follow-up, I Tape, and it seems that the creative chemistry they once shared seems intact and growing.

Watch Vic Mensa and Chance The Rapper’s live performance of “Shelter” above.