Vic Mensa Delivered A Rap About Ja Morant And Guns Before Getting Serious About The NBA Star’s Situation

Vic Mensa was recently spotted in New York City, according to TMZ. As the outlet caught up with him, Mensa delivered a freestyle alluding to star Memphis Grizzlies point guard Ja Morant.

“My mama keep telling me to stop, I can’t / the second time they caught me with that gun: damn, I feel like Ja Morant,” he rapped.

The lines refer to Morant brandishing a gun on social media two times, resulting in a suspension. While Mensa used the situation as inspiration for some bars, he then offered benedictions for Morant and noted that he hopes Morant can grow from the situation.

“I think God blessed Ja Morant, man,” said Mensa. “I pray that that brother gets it together and he figures it out because he’s too brilliant and so talented. He’s got a gift, he’s got a real gift. So, I don’t want to see him have to go down that path because he’s so good.”

Morant has faced much scrutiny for showing off his guns on social media. Chandler Parsons, who played for the Grizzlies from 2016 to 2019, suggested that Morant endure a year-long suspension. Mensa, however, continues to show support for Morant.

“I think God blessed him,” said Mensa. “I’m not gonna say anything to disparage him. There’s enough people doing that.”