Vic Mensa Believes Jay-Z’s NFL Involvement Could Get Colin Kaepernick Back In The League

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Ever since the news came out that Jay-Z is getting involved with the NFL, the rapper has had his fair share of both supporters and detractors. Rihanna doesn’t seem to be on Jay’s side, but Freddie Gibbs is all for Hova owning a team. Now Vic Mensa has added his voice to the conversation, and he thinks that Jay partnering with the league could be good for Colin Kaepernick.

A TMZ cameraman caught up with Mensa, who said that Jay deserves the opportunity to work with the NFL, and that he “would be very surprised” if Kaepernick doesn’t find himself back in the league now that Jay is involved:

“I think if anybody deserves a chance to cook, it’s Hov. All the good will that he’s put in the community, oftentimes on the low in a selfless manner… we gotta let him do his thing. And I completely support Kaepernick, so inspired by everything he’s done. I would be very surprised if Kaepernick doesn’t get a job with Hov being in the NFL. We know the NFL is a slave game, so to have a black man in there… especially a black man with a socially conscious responsibility, cause I know that’s how Hov feels, man. I believe that Kaep gonna get that job and I believe Hov’s intentions are in the right place.”

Meanwhile, Killer Mike recently appeared on Real Time With Bill Maher, and he agrees with Mensa, as he said, “I believe if Jay-Z becomes this team owner, Kaep gets a tryout.”